Can we question our food self-sufficiency wish? My Opinion Piece for Kuensel (July 6th 2019 Issue)

A recent editorial in Kuensel titled “A stunted agriculture sector” grabbed my attention, just because we have been trying to achieve food self-sufficiency since the establishment of the agriculture sector in the country in 1961 together with the commencement of the first five-year plan in 1961. Similarly, an opinion piece by the former Secretary of [...]

Agriculture Minister proposes a meat tax to discourage local slaughterhouses [The Bhutanese, 9th March 2019]

This is one "hell" of a confused article and I know many will not agree with this article of mine []. The article "cites" local slaughterhouses or rather a meat production will be levied the tax and the same source says imported meat is not hygienic. Well! when imported meat is un-hygienic; when we can't [...]