Bhutan and global top 10 biodiversity hotspots – A “fact” check. My Opinion Piece for Kuensel (July 13th, 2019 Issue)

Is Bhutan recognized as one of the top ten global biodiversity hotspots? The straight answer is NO. Unfortunately, we see this being said again and again, in conferences as well as in our media. If we look deeper in the world of literature, Bhutan was never recognized as a stand-alone biodiversity hotspot but just as [...]

Biodiversity Conservation in Bhutan

Many reports depict Bhutan as one of the 10 global biodiversity hotspots, but nowhere did I find that Bhutan is recognized as stand-alone hotspot. However, Bhutan does form part of biodiverse Eastern Himalayan region as identified by international conservation organizations [hotspots; endemic bird areas; crisis eco-regions; last of the wild] to prioritize and allocate conservation [...]