Remember our Rangers on the World Ranger Day. My opinion piece for Kuensel (July 27, 2019 )

Did you know that Bhutan is home to 11,248 species (as of 2017) within all biodiversity taxa according to the “Biodiversity Statistics of Bhutan 2017”; and “National Forest Inventory Report – Volume I” estimated 816 million trees growing in Bhutan. Did you know that, estimated, 103 tigers (The National Tiger Survey of Bhutan 2014-2015) and [...]

Bhutan and global top 10 biodiversity hotspots – A “fact” check. My Opinion Piece for Kuensel (July 13th, 2019 Issue)

Is Bhutan recognized as one of the top ten global biodiversity hotspots? The straight answer is NO. Unfortunately, we see this being said again and again, in conferences as well as in our media. If we look deeper in the world of literature, Bhutan was never recognized as a stand-alone biodiversity hotspot but just as [...]

Can we question our food self-sufficiency wish? My Opinion Piece for Kuensel (July 6th 2019 Issue)

A recent editorial in Kuensel titled “A stunted agriculture sector” grabbed my attention, just because we have been trying to achieve food self-sufficiency since the establishment of the agriculture sector in the country in 1961 together with the commencement of the first five-year plan in 1961. Similarly, an opinion piece by the former Secretary of [...]