Problem Roads of Bhutan

With every monsoon, Bhutan’s road give their way affecting the flow of traffic. There are some stretches of roads in Bhutan, which is a problem to the commuters every year and I have to admit that for the last decade, the same story appeared in the same news media from the same place. This made me to wonder on the amount of money our government must be pumping in to these places every year from our already stricken economy.

The fact that we are in young growing mountain doesn’t help our geology and this is further aggravated by monsoon. However, there are some stretches of roads in Bhutan, which has always been a nightmare for commuters as well as for our road workers and the government: Reutala in Zhemgang; Dzongkha Lumpa in Trongsa; Ossey  and Box Cutting in Sarpang and other areas which slides almost always.

Since these stretches has become chronic slip lands, I was wondering if we could follow something which were not pursued [excuse me if it was tried]. If I may, I would suggest going for constructing series of terraces in these land slips prone zones or spraying cement mixed with seeds of some grasses/pioneer species. I’m sure, such thoughts might have come to the minds of our responsible agencies and individuals, but might have dropped due to some un-foreseen challenges.

I believe, tunneling in these areas were also tabled, however I’m not certain about the inner geology of that area as I believe that it might turn out to be disastrous should the geology do not support such activities. Whatsoever said and done and whatever ideas are or were tabled for discussion, it is about time for us to finally get over this chronic monsoonal problems.

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